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Did you know that you can increase productivity and reduce downtime by upgrading your PLC and HMI control systems?

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One of the greatest challenges of a legacy conversion is simply starting the project. Upgrading your PLCs and HMI retrofit systems sooner rather than later avoids the risk of pricey patchwork rescue missions when a system fails and avoids the hassle of locating replacement parts that are no longer available.

Is it time to upgrade your industrial control system?

Does your older legacy industrial control system routinely cause unplanned downtime due to system glitches and malfunctions?

Is obsolescence making it harder and harder to purchase replacement parts?

Are your repair expenses significantly eating into your profit margins?

Would you like to economically extend the life of your capital equipment?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then it’s time to upgrade your aging production equipment by integrating new PLCs and HMI retrofits into your control and automation system.

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What are the steps of a PLC and HMI systems upgrade?

Before we get started, our primary focus is to gain a complete understanding of your current system. We conduct a full system assessment and specification phase, which allows us to plan ahead and avoid problems and delays during your PLC and HMI retrofit upgrade. Our goal is to minimize downtime while maximizing your process improvements.

Legacy system reverse engineering

System design and planning

Electrical design

Hardware selection and budgeting

Extensive testing and validation

Training and support

What are the benefits of upgrading your PLC and HMI Systems?

When Connell Industries modernizes an aging control system, our clients' experience little to no downtime. How is that possible? With over 30 years experience as a control system integrator, we’ve performed hundreds of PLC/HMI retrofits and upgrades. Connell Industries is also an authorized integrator for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley and we have extensive knowledge and experience with various other PLC/PAC controllers including General Electric and Siemens. So you can rest assured that you and your system are in good hands when Connell Industries is in the building.

Greater reliability

Integration with modern MES and ERP systems

Improved processes

Easier system maintenance, modification, and expansion

Improved access to service and replacement parts

Increased productivity and less downtime

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