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Learn more about custom designed and manufactured compressor control systems that will save you thousands of dollars per month in utility costs.

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your plant’s operational expenses is to have excellent systems control combined with a flexible capacity management system for your compressors.

The Problem:

Too many of your HARD EARNED dollars are wasted on:

Running Half-Loaded

Compressors continuously running half-loaded due to mismatched loading setpoints

Running Unloaded

Compressors running unloaded for hours during a scheduled preventative maintenance shift

Running 'Just in Case'

Compressors running "in case" you may need the air it provides

Maintenance Costs

Increased maintenance costs due to no-load and half-load cylinder super heating

Reduction in Part-Life

Reduced compression ring, wear ring and intake/discharge valve life

Air Leaks

Air leaks from broken air lines, fittings and poorly connected devices

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Connell Industries has the solution:

All of the above items reduce your overall operational efficiencies by a significant margin, and once they have been wasted they can never be regained! What can you do to stop the waste and invest that money back into your company? Let Connell Industries custom design and manufacture a custom compressor control system that will:

Replace your obsolete compressor controls with a network based PLC control system

We use all of the major programmable logic controller manufacturers for our control systems. This ensures that we will have a PLC system to match your plant's PLC manufacturer preference. Thus reducing maintenance training and support equipment expenses for software, cables and manuals.

Provide overall compressor system capacity controls based upon your actual air demand

Your Connell Industries compressor capacity system will be able to match the output of compressed air to your actual plant's compressed air demand. Your compressors will no longer idle away needlessly or half-loaded, burning through hundreds of your hard earned dollars by the hour. In addition, additional savings can be realized by lower cooling tower energy demands from a reduced compressor load.

Lower your overall compressor system's maintenance and utility costs

By only running the compressors you need, when you need them your overall maintenance costs will be reduced. Wear and tear on the compressor compression and rider rings, intake and discharge valves and valve actuators are all significantly reduced.

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In Closing:

Connell Industries will evaluate your current air compressor control systems to help you make an informed decision on improving the overall efficiency of your entire air compressor system.

We can develop a control scheme based upon the individual needs of your facility and implement a solution in as little as (4) weeks! Think about that... You can be saving literally thousands of dollars a month in utility costs in less than a month!

In today's fast-paced manufacturing environment, every second counts. Let Connell Industries help get your air compressor systems under control and in top running condition.

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