What Are Automated Manufacturing Systems?

The answer is an automated manufacturing system integrates software and machinery so that manufacturing processes are run autonomously through computer programming.

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Without automated manufacturing systems, factory output would be vastly reduced, production would be very time consuming, working conditions would be less safe and quality control would be extremely difficult. Employees would need to work twice as hard to achieve in a day what they can now achieve in an hour with automated industrial systems. In short, manufacturing would be much more difficult and dangerous.

Automated Manufacturing Systems: A Brief History

In 1913, Henry Ford pioneered the first successful automated manufacturing system by implementing a mechanized belt in his automobile factory. The belt allowed for parts to be pulled through an assembly line at a blazing six feet per minute. This innovation may seem laughable by today’s standards, but this was an incredible innovation in the early 20th century, which successfully reduced automobile production time sixfold.

After World War II mass production facilities became more advanced in automated manufacturing. Increased demand for automobiles and other goods produced high quota expectations which demanded that owners seek ways to maximize factory output. This demand greatly accelerated the development of automated technologies.

In 1970, another great innovation pushed industrial automation forward with the introduction of the first integrated circuits. By the 1980s, companies were spending billions worldwide to automate production in their now fully optimized plants.

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Today’s Automated Manufacturing Systems

Automated manufacturing systems have now become the norm for mass producers. Maximum output and efficiency has become the gold standard for suppliers, and anything less will result in missed deadlines and lost profit due to slow, inefficient production.

As a critical part of production in the 21st century, automated industrial systems are now necessary to maintain peak profitability within an enclosed production plant. Since the 1980’s we have seen continuous innovation in these systems that only further serve to set the bar higher for next level optimization.

From SCADA Control Systems to custom built control panels to PLC programming, the sheer amount of implementation opportunities and different configuration options for automated industrial systems are staggering. It’s now also essential to implement automated manufacturing systems properly to increase production and cut costs. Industrial technology is now far past the point of using a “one size fits all” system setup. It is important for custom solutions to be implemented in order to create maximum profit.

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Automated Industrial Systems: Pros and Cons

The benefits of automated manufacturing systems are substantial once implemented, but are they worth the large initial investment? Let’s compare the pros and cons of implementation of industrial process automation.


  • Safer for Employees
  • Increased Productivity (24/7 runtime)
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Higher Yields
  • More Accurate Data Collection


  • Cost of Initial Investment

Not only do automated industrial systems increase production capacity, but the quality of that production is improved, along with greater safety for the employees operating the equipment. These systems can also be configured to provide more accurate data to optimize weak points and greatly decrease product defects due to human error.

There’s only one real downside to implementing automated manufacturing systems, which is the initial cost. This includes costs of machinery and implementing automated programming as well as training of employees to manage these new systems. However, ROI on this investment generally pays for itself within a few years.

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What Sets Connell Industries Apart?

The benefits of industrial automation systems greatly outweigh the costs if implemented correctly. Although automated manufacturing systems have come a long way, many of our competitors are still only capable of implementing and programming a single section of your automated system.

At Connell Industries, our experience and expertise within the automated manufacturing industry allows us to work with your entire industrial automation system from beginning to end. This ensures maximum optimization of your entire system.

This provides you with the ability to integrate and monitor your system as a whole, which in return will provide you with actionable data that creates the basis for further optimization. This can also give you the ability to predict future machine breakdowns within your automated manufacturing systems. Imagine being able to predict downtime instead of being blindsided by a total shutdown that could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Monitoring your entire system as a whole lets you know that your automated manufacturing system is running at optimum efficiency. By optimizing your entire industrial manufacturing processes to work as a cohesive unit, you can take back control of your production.

Contact us now, and our highly experienced engineers will help you assess your individual situation. We’ll implement a custom solution that will help you cut costs and have your automated industrial systems running cohesively at maximum efficiency.

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