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Our Partner – Technoplan Engineering

A Swiss company based in Geneva, Technoplan Engineering is our exclusive partner that specializes in PET bottle manufacturing. We alone have the exclusive rights to work with Technoplan and sell their products in the United States and Canada.

Technoplan’s unique products cover a wide range of ultra efficient components and systems.

Their OVR10 is a reliable replacement for Olicorp’s preform oven regulation module. Technoplan also has cost effective replacement machine valves that provide up to 90% less air leakage with vastly improved service life over current OEM valves.

Technoplan’s Oven Equipment Optimization (TOEO) system is a proprietary oven bank designed to use less lamps and save up to 35% on oven electricity consumption. Finally, Technoplan also makes Air Recovery Systems (ARS) that are designed to recover up to 50% of both low and high pressure compressed air, thereby minimizing compressor run-time.

Connell Industries has many customers that have already purchased Technoplan systems such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Southeastern Container, Western Container, Plastipak Packaging and many others. As one of our largest and most successful clients, Southeastern Container has installed numerous Air Recovery Systems provided by Technoplan that have already saved millions of dollars in electricity costs.

Many local utilities’ energy efficiency programs will offer rebates for utilizing the Technoplan equipment, which guarantees a simple payback of 12 months or less.

If you would like more information on this affordably priced equipment, we have linked below a
document where you can learn more about these utility cost cutting products, along with a more complex description of technical details involving how Technoplan’s advanced efficiency equipment works.

To learn more information about our Technoplan offerings download our presentation.

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