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Air Compressor Control Systems

Connell Industries is a premier provider of air compressor control systems, industrial automation systems, PLC programming, SCADA systems and control system retrofits, and electrical engineering. We serve clients in industries such as utilities, food and beverage, packaging, infrastructure and more.

A Maritime Story Most people think that industrial control systems only reside on factory floors and that PLC’s are only used to automatically control machines and communicate between ancillary plant equipment in the manufacture of a wide array of products. However, industrial control systems can also be found in many other applications besides those associated with...
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blow mold bottles, air recovery systems
Air Recovery Systems are a quick method to reduce demands on air compressors and save substantially on energy costs. In the 1980’s a manufacturing cooperative was formed to provide numerous plants of a well-known beverage company with hundreds of millions of bottles each year. As part of its blow molding machine mix, the cooperative purchased...
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Air Pressure Control System
Your “Repaired” Air Compressor System is Costing You Money. It’s time to take a look at your air compressor control systems. We’ve been in the industrial control and automation business for over 20 years, and we’ve seen more than a few short term solutions become very costly in the long run. Everyone wants to reduce...
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