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Spare Parts & Service

Spare Parts & Service

Connell Industries carries a wide inventory of PLC parts for Allen Bradley, GE and many other manufacturers to meet your spare parts needs. In most instances our parts can ship within 1-2 business days to get your automated industrial controls system up and running.

Connell Industries also has many of the other spare parts needed to maintain or quickly repair your automated industrial controls systems. Our inventory ranges from I/O modules to sensors, switches, routers, and much more.

We also stock many of the parts and supplies necessary to support our PET blow molding systems such as the Air Recycling SystemReduced Energy Oven Banks, the Hot Fill Testing System and the Hot Fill Spray Tank System. These parts are precision made and are designed to meet your exacting standards for quality and performance.

All key components are OEM certified, affordably priced and come with a Connell Industries 100% satisfaction guarantee.  In addition, Connell Industries in many cases can provide on-site service if requested separately.  

So, if your controls system or equipment is down and in need of quality spare parts, please contact us immediately so we can help get you back on line as quickly as possible.