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PET Blowmolding Products

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PET Blowmolding Products

For PET blowmolding machines, Connell Industries offers cost effective energy efficiency systems to reduce your electricity use, saving you thousands of dollars per year while also reducing your environmental footprint. We also build hot fill/heat set container test equipment to ensure your blow molded containers continuously conform to your quality specifications.

PET Blowmolding Air Recycling System (ARS)

The ARS is a state of the art compressed air recycling system that reuses mold station exhaust air to reduce compressor runtime. It is easily and quickly installed and yields cost savings from the very first day.

PET Blowmolding Reduced Energy Oven Banks

Reduced Energy Oven Banks are specifically designed to reduce oven electricity consumption by 30% over existing OEM oven banks, by reflecting more infra-red energy from the oven lamps directly into the preform body.

Hot Fill Bottle Filling Systems

Only a Connell Industries Hot Fill Bottle Filling System can safely and reliably generate and deliver the 195 degree Fahrenheit water your tests require to ensure you meet your quality control targets.

Hot Fill Spray Tank Systems

Another test system designed by Connell Industries is the Hot Fill Spray Tank System. It is a steady source of 75 degree Fahrenheit water needed to spray capped, prefilled heat set containers to check thermal stability.

The Problem:

Using large air compressors during bottle production can mean large energy, maintenance and repair expenses.

The Solution:

PET blow molding industry leaders around the world are finding more energy efficient ways to keep their large compressors on standby without interrupting their bottle productions by employing the Technoplan Air Recovery System.

How we can help:

Connell Industries, is your source for the original energy efficient A.R.S. (Air Recycling System) that can be easily adapted to all models of your PET blow molding machines. The A.R.S., developed by Technoplan Engineering, SA is installed between your blow molder’s exhaust system and your plant’s working air system, capturing and storing almost 50% of the dry, oil free air at a pressure of 12 bar (170psi) that is currently being wasted to the atmosphere.

Technoplan’s Engineering’s ARS will keep your compressors offline, resulting in significant savings in energy and maintenance expenses. The recovered air is returned to your plant’s working air system to be used as needed anywhere within your facility.

Connell Industries can help you significantly reduce both your blow molding operation’s energy costs and environmental footprint through the purchase of an Air Recycling System (ARS) developed by Technoplan Engineering S.A. The ARS is adaptable to all makes and models of blow molders and can be expertly installed by our technicians.

Our ARS system saves you money by capturing almost 50% of the dry, oil free air from the blow molder’s exhaust and recycling it to the plant air system so that compressor runtimes and electricity usage are reduced. Other potential cost savings include lower annual maintenance expenses for spare parts and labor plus minimizing the need to buy additional compressors if more blow molders are added. The ARS system may also qualify for a local utility energy rebate incentive program which can significantly defray your original purchase cost and improve your payback.

Contact one of our application engineers today to learn more about how ARS can help you meet your profitability and sustainability goals.

What our ARS system provides:

  • An immediate savings in electricity costs due to reduced air compressor use
  • The option to install new blowmolding machines without investing in new compressors
  • Significant electrical and maintenance cost savings that makes you more competitive and sustainable
  • Less noise and floor space savings due to compressor reductions
  • The ability to vary the utilization of your compressors thereby reducing maintenance
  • An adaptable system that can be installed onto all the PET blowmolding machines on the market