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PET Blowmolding Reduced Energy Oven Banks

PET Blowmolding Reduced Energy Oven Banks

Reduced Energy Oven Banks are specifically designed to reduce oven electricity consumption by 30% over existing OEM oven banks, by reflecting more infra-red energy from the oven lamps directly into the preform body.

This innovative blow molder oven bank designed and built by Technoplan Engineering S.A. and offered for sale by Connell Industries, decreases oven power consumption by 25% as compared to existing OEM oven banks. This result is obtained by combining specialized ceramic materials with a unique heat shield design that directs more infrared energy to heat the preform body more efficiently, but without sacrificing container quality or machine speed.

Besides the electricity savings, other advantages include; a larger process window for easier operator profiling that helps reduce heat related scrap, lower spare parts costs as oven lamps will be replaced less frequently, a Return on Investment of 18 months or less (for most applications) and plug and play installation to get you up and running quickly.

The Reduced Energy Oven Bank system may also qualify for local utility energy rebate incentive programs which can significantly defray your original purchase cost and improve the payback on your capital investment.