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Control and Automation Systems

Control and Automation Systems

Connell Industries will custom design a new or upgraded controls or automation system customized for your specific needs and application. Each system is meticulously fabricated, certified and professionally installed to maximize your profits from Day One. We strive to provide the latest in controls and automation technologies that can effectively monitor and optimize machine efficiencies while minimizing downtime. All of our engineers have the hands-on knowledge and expertise that can only be gained by working with a wide array of control and automation systems across multiple industries.

So what exactly is an automation system integrator?

The short answer is, any engineer who applies his time, talents and the latest technology to the problem of automating a client’s manufacturing operation. Automation System Integrators are adept at connecting a factory’s manufacturing equipment to the automation system’s disparate computing and communications devices and programming them all to perform the required control and information gathering chores.

Partnering with system integrators is becoming an increasingly important factor for assuring the success of a manufacturer’s automation projects. As the manufacturing environment grows more complex and fewer engineers are seen on the manufacturing floor, outsourcing a factory’s system integration functions is fast becoming not only prudent, but necessary.

Connell Industries provides:

  • PLC and HMI system retrofits that can upgrade your older/obsolete controls systems to obtain the latest in technology while cost effectively extending the life of your equipment.
  • Control and automation systems custom designed, built and installed to maximize your production line output.
  • Machine and process control system design.
  • UL certified control panel design and fabrication.
  • All of our engineers and technicians have the first-hand experience in all types of manufacturing operations.
  • Technical training and support on all of your control systems conducted at your location.
  • On-site control system evaluations, upgrades and retrofits.
  • Machinery and equipment installation and relocation assistance.
  • Facility power quality evaluations and certified infrared “hot spot” inspection services.
  • Power distribution and substation revenue metering services.
  • Machine uptime efficiency is ensured by utilizing our proprietary remote diagnostic capabilities with your equipment.
  • Download your critical machine program files whenever you need them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Customer technical data and machine program files available from our secure servers via email.