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Automated Manufacturing Systems

Connell Industries is a premier provider of industrial automated manufacturing systems, SCADA systems and control system retrofits, PLC programming, and electrical engineering. We serve clients in industries such as utilities, food and beverage, packaging, infrastructure and more.

blow mold bottles, air recovery systems
Air Recovery Systems are a quick method to reduce demands on air compressors and save substantially on energy costs. In the 1980’s a manufacturing cooperative was formed to provide numerous plants of a well-known beverage company with hundreds of millions of bottles each year. As part of its blow molding machine mix, the cooperative purchased...
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automated production
An automated manufacturing system is the total integration of software and machinery used to create a system that performs manufacturing processes autonomously through computer programming. Without automated manufacturing systems, factory output would be vastly reduced, production would be very time consuming, working conditions would be less safe and quality control would be extremely difficult. Employees...
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