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Graham Packaging

Graham Packaging case study

Graham Packaging Case Studies

Over the years Connell Industries has provided Graham Packaging with numerous innovative controls systems solutions that have yielded excellent results.

Graham Packaging manufactures bottles for their customers. They were facing a costly issue from a discrepancy between how many bottles were made, and how many the customer said they actually received. As a result, Graham Packaging was being back-charged for loss of product and the bills for undelivered product had become significant.

In the case study below, Connell Industries supplied Graham Packaging with a solution to solve significant production line inventory discrepancies using Inductive Automation’s Ignition SCADA software. The web-based architecture of the Inductive Automation software also allows Connell Industries to deliver fast, efficient remote support to Graham Packaging. Instead of waiting 3 hours for a tech to drive to the plant, a member of the Connell’s team can get online right away, diagnose the problem and offer support immediately.

Connell Industries has helped Graham Packaging identify needs and opportunities that could be addressed through system upgrades and replacements. The upgrading of aging controls systems optimized production flow and achieved real gains in Return On Investment.

Graham Packaging worked with Connell’s to maintain their competitive edge in customized packaging. Graham was moving 24,000 bottles/hr, and struggled with nuisance trips and jams. If one machine had a problem, it didn’t tell users or other machines what to look for or which part of the machine was the problem.

Connell Industries helped identify needs and opportunities to be addressed through system upgrades and replacements. Ultimately, the upgrades saved Graham four to six hours of downtime each month and improved system reliability. That translated into better product quality, more uptime, and more production capacity.