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Energy is one of the biggest costs for a blow molding operation. When your Sidel SBO 40 stretch blow molding machines are cranking out 40,000 bottles an hour 24/7, and demand 192kW per hour each, the dollars spent producing infrared heat are astronomical. Every company wants to shave this cost wherever possible. Blow molding ovens produce infrared heat instantaneously to soften plastic PET preforms prior to being introduced to the...
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A Maritime Story Most people think that industrial control systems only reside on factory floors and that PLC’s are only used to automatically control machines and communicate between ancillary plant equipment in the manufacture of a wide array of products. However, industrial control systems can also be found in many other applications besides those associated with manufacturing – even on the high seas. One summer a few years ago, Connell Industries...
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The big question facing businesses and organizations is not whether to spend money to automate key processes and systems but rather when and to what extent? To remain competitive in today’s dynamic and tumultuous marketplace, businesses and organizations must provide the best in products and services to survive. Doing business in this age of the Internet of Things (IOT) means you cannot afford to lag behind your competitors in terms...
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blow mold bottles, air recovery systems
Air Recovery Systems are a quick method to reduce demands on air compressors and save substantially on energy costs. In the 1980’s a manufacturing cooperative was formed to provide numerous plants of a well-known beverage company with hundreds of millions of bottles each year. As part of its blow molding machine mix, the cooperative purchased (17) Sidel blow molders capable of a daily output of 800,000 to 1,000,000 bottles per...
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automated production
An automated manufacturing system is the total integration of software and machinery used to create a system that performs manufacturing processes autonomously through computer programming. Without automated manufacturing systems, factory output would be vastly reduced, production would be very time consuming, working conditions would be less safe and quality control would be extremely difficult. Employees would need to work twice as hard to achieve in a day what they can...
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