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Additional Services

Technical Service and Support

Our toll free hotline gives you immediate access to our technical support services that can assist your effort to get equipment back on line quickly. And if remote access is granted, we can safely and securely scan your controls system for any related hardware or software malfunctions that could be contributing to the stoppage. We provide support for control and automation systems, SCADA control systems, compressor control systems, PLC and HMI retrofit systems, PET Blowmolding air recycling systemsPET Blowmolding reduced energy oven banks, and any product we sell.

Project Management

Connell Industries can assist with the installation, relocation, upgrading, and the commissioning of your manufacturing machinery. Our managers have the hands-on experience necessary to keep your project on time and under budget.

Machine Controls System Programs Archive Service

Get round the clock remote access to your archived, cataloged and protected controls programs and project files via download links from our safe and secure servers. Never worry again about losing program operating files or not having the correct version.

Custom Built Control Panels

Connell Industries will expertly design and fabricate control panels at a fair price that will meet all your engineering specifications for hardware and programming. Additionally, we can assist you with the control panel installation or any other system integration requirements.