Hot Fill Spray Tank Systems

Connell Industries Hot Fill Spray Tank Testing system is the safest and most cost-effective water spray tank system designed to meet your stringent hot fill and heat set quality control requirements. Our spray tank system tests pre-filled and capped hot filled bottles for thermal stability and consistency. It does this by spraying 75 degree Fahrenheit water over them for a specific duration. It can test up to 10 containers at once by loading them onto a perforated stainless steel deck inside the testing chamber.

Once loaded, the operator will close the chamber lid and depress a cycle start button to begin spraying the bottles with the PLC controller doing all the rest. After the spray timer has timed out, the tested containers can then be safely removed from the chamber to be visually inspected by the operator.

This system is built using an Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1000 programmable controller with a touch screen operator interface, 304 stainless steel tubular framing with non-corrosive internal components, a hinged lid with interlock switches to prevent potential splashing or spills, and many other additional features that ensure your operators perform their tests safely, thoroughly, and efficiently.

Contact one of our application engineers today to learn more about how our Hot Fill Spray Tank Testing System can help you ensure that all of your prefilled and capped hot fill containers' quality specifications are met.

Our Hotfill Spray Tank system includes:

  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel tubular frame
  • Stainless steel drain bung with adapter housing for sump pump or drain connections.
  • PVC plumbing with spray nozzles and manual ball valves to isolate specific spray zones
  • Non-corrosive internal components
  • Programmable timing system to allow the operator to adjust the spray time cycles.
  • Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1000 PLC controls with touch screen operator
  • Push button cycle switch to activate electromechanical control valve and rinse cycle
  • Amber pilot lamp to signify completion of rinse cycle
  • RTD to monitor water supply temperature to spray nozzles
  • Centralized power distribution box to supply proper voltages
  • Hinged lid with interlock switches to prevent potential splashing or spills

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