Compressor Control Systems and Retrofits

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to save money is by significantly reducing your plant's compressor expenses. Connell Industries has the expertise and experience needed to design and build a customized, network based PLC control system that can replace your older and in most cases, obsolete compressor controls. We can upgrade the controls for all the major compressor OEM's such as Ingersoll Rand, Gardner Denver, Atlas Copco and others.

Connell's controls systems use all the major PLC suppliers such as Allen Bradley, GE, Siemens, Beckhoff, etc. The advantage of a new PLC controls system is that you get the precise management and sequencing needed to prevent compressors from running unloaded or half loaded, or even worse, allowing extra compressors to needlessly run "just in case the system might need more air".

By making your compressor more intelligent, you will have an optimized, reliable and responsive system that supplies the right amount of air directly in proportion to the demand. This in turn reduces compressor and systems room power consumption, maintenance labor and spare parts expense, saving you money as well as minimizing your environmental footprint. And since a new compressor PLC controls system saves electricity, it may qualify for a local utility energy rebate incentive program which will significantly defray your original purchase cost and improve the payback on your capital investment.

Contact one of our application engineers today to learn more about how a new custom compressor controls system can help you meet your profitability and sustainability goals.

Our custom designed and manufactured compressor control systems will:

  • Replace your obsolete compressor controls with a network based PLC control system
  • Provide overall compressor system capacity controls based upon your actual air demand
  • Lower your overall compressor system's maintenance and utility costs

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